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bshe’s so high (tal bachman) . fidelity (regina spektor) . crazy for this girl (evan and jaron) . a little less sixteen candles, a little more touch me (fall out boy) . ever fallen in love (nouvelle vague) . roll to me (del amitri) . i feel it all (feist) . hands down (dashboard confessional) . all for you (sister hazel) . i would do anything for you (foster the people) . let her cry (hootie and the blowfish) . drag (placebo) . paint (the paper kites) . time after time (pink) . send me down (haim) . something i need (onerepublic) . i choose you (sara bareilles)

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"It means you were right. That my leaving would be giving up on you. And I’m not quite prepared to do that just yet. But it also means that I need to know the you’re not quite prepared to give up on me yet either."

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This is great :) 

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This Promo For The WB From 2000 Will Blow Your Mind

Every famous person from late-’90s television parties together in this amazing, glorious promo. (Video Credit @ Buzzfeed)

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