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favorite season three moments

Anonymous said:
So i started watching Dawson a little while ago and tbh the reason I'm enjoying it is mostly bc of pacey and joey. I knew they were going to get together bc I saw some things ontumblr which I was eager to get to when I watched the first 2 seasons. I'm currently on season 4 and I know they're going to break up and her and Dawson will get back together (sigh) and again I know they get together again at the end. I was wondering do u think the writers wanted that or was it the fans

Kevin Williamson fully planned to write the finale with DJ as endgame. But Paul Stupin, in the eleventh hour, convinced him to go with PJ. And I believe Stupin championed PJ in large part because of the fans.

Anonymous said:
bless you for updating daily! are there any other dawsons creek blogs that update frequently?

Thanks! This is my favorite DC blog: dawsonscreekcast

6 pacey/joey caps per episode: 1x10 - the scare

"I stalled 7 times coming over here. I stalled 7 times and 6 out of the 7 times, do you know what I thought? You. It’s this secret thing I do whenever I get really pissed off, or confused, or angry, or upset, or sad. I think of you, and I immediately feel good inside. I guess it’s kind of like taking a good mood pill or something."

“Do any of you have any idea how incredibly hypocritical this whole little gathering is? I mean, I may be flying high on a pleasingly potent cocktail of vodka and painkillers, but I seem to be seeing things a little bit clearer than any of you.”

6 pacey/joey caps per episode: 1x08 - boyfriend

When I catch you, who knows what other body parts I’ll require you to shave.

"I don’t want to stop you, Pacey. I don’t want to stop Dawson, and I don’t want to be stopped. I mean, that’s what this whole year has been about. We’ve been trying to stop each other from moving on and from growing up… But not you, you’re different. You’ve challenged me every step of the way, and you’ve been there every step of the way."