pacey & joey

I love your blog!!!!! for once KW got one couple right :)

Thank you!

Anonymous said:
I love your blog and I like Dair friendship, but I really really don't like Dair romantically (I don't wanna do ship wars and stuff!). And since you've been talking about similarities, I definetely think there are so many between PJo and Damon and Elena (from Vampire Diaries, I don't know if you watch it). I mean it's Kevin Wiliamson's new show and I've once read this great article about the similarities, it really is true!

Thank you. :) & I definitely agree! I mean, it’s hard for me to compare them because of the supernatural aspect of TVD, but DE are definitely the PJo of that show. In the way that they are not TPTB’s intended endgame but have gained a bigger following anyway. And the love/hate dynamic ofc. The DJ/SE parallels are there too…

PACEY: It’s amazing, personality like yours and you can’t get any dates.
JOEY: Even more amazing: personality like yours and you can.
— 1x11 ‘Double Date’ (via creekquotes)
In the future, when you’re dealing with life or death matters, remember that you’re thinking for two.
JOEY (to Pacey), 4x03 ‘The Two Gentlemen of Capeside’ (via creekquotes)
JOEY: Pacey, please tell me you tied our boat up and the one that’s floating downstream isn’t ours.
PACEY: I tied our boat up and the one that’s floating downstream isn’t ours.
— 1x11 ‘Double Date’ (via creekquotes)
Anonymous said:
I'm sorry, but seriously? Dair has nothing on PJo!

No ship has anything on PJo. But it’s no secret that there are many PJo/Dair similarities, that, according to this tumblelog, many PJo fans like to see.

Anonymous said:
I'm sorry, I don't want to sound rude or childish, but I follow your blog because I LOVE Pacey and Joey. Not every PJo fan likes Dair. You could at least tag the post so I don't have to see Dair on my dashboard. Thanks!

I’ll try to make sure I tag any Dair from here on out.