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No, we just sleep with each other from time to time. You got a problem with that?

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my-sad-smiles-deactivated201112: "OMG, your tumblr is amazing. I visited him about 10 times a day! I love the Joey and Pacey. congratulations and thanks!"

Thank you very much. ♥

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36. Pacey Witter & Joey Potter (Dawson’s Creek 1998-2003)

  • Joey: You did it again, you grabbed my ass.
    Pacey: Like you even have one. 
  • Joey: Pacey, you’re unbelievable. I mean, as soon as I think I’ve got you all figured out, you go and you do something so outrageous that… it completely challenges me in a way that no one else would even think of that… In case I don’t say it enough, thank you.
    Pacey: It’s about time, Potter. It’s about time.
  • Pacey: Okay. Joey, I am going to kiss you now.
    Joey: You can’t.
    Pacey: Look Jo, you can’t say something like that to me and expect me not to kiss you. So that’s exactly what I want to do. I’m going to kiss you in about 10 seconds. And if you don’t want me to kiss you, well then if you don’t want me to, I guess then you’re just gonna have to stop me… Ten.
  • Joey: I mean this isn’t exactly the easiest thing I’ve ever had to do, Pacey, telling Dawson that while he wasn’t looking, I developed this bizarre, gravitational pull towards his best friend and I can’t stop thinking about him or wanting to be near him or wanting to kiss him all the time.
  • Pacey: I remember everything.
  • Joey: I think I’m in love with you.
    Pacey: You think or you know?
    Joey: I know.
  • Joey: Permission to come aboard? 
    Pacey: Permission granted.
  • Joey: My future lies with you.
  • Joey: Pace, I’m going to count to ten… and then I’m going to start kissing you. If you don’t want me to… you’re just going to have to stop me… Ten, my love.
  • Pacey: This is your life, and you should enjoy it.
    Joey: How can I enjoy it without you?
  • Joey: Is this some sort of recent new development in your life?
    Pacey: Wanting to kiss you? No, it’s sort of always there.
  • Pacey: I want you to be with someone who makes you feel like I feel when I’m with you. So, I guess the point to this long run-on sentence that’s been the last ten years of our lives is just that the simple act of being in love with you is enough for me. 
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Pacey & Joey - Love Like Woe

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Can I stay here with you through the nighttime
I’ve fallen sad inside and I need a place to hide
So can I stay, here with you, through the nighttime
I’ve fallen so sad it’s true, now won’t you take me to your room
Lay with me in your thinnest dress
fill my heart with each caress
between your blissful kisses, whisper
Darling is this love?

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“You bought me a wall?”
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yourztokeep: "THAAANNKKKYOUUU! you just became my favorite tumblr :) i love pacey and joey so so so so very much. the series means so much to me haha and i love how dedicated you are to my true favorite tv couple that ever existed. thanks for what youre doing!"

Thank YOU!

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“Permission to come aboard.”
“Permission granted.” 

Dawson’s Creek 3.04 - Home Movies & 3.23 - True Love

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