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Jay: Holy shit, you’re the Dawson!
James Van Der Beek:
James, actually. James Van Der Beek.
Jay: What’s up with Pacey stealing Joey away from you? If I was you, I would’ve drownded his ass in the creek and shit.
James Van Der Beek:
You actually watch that show?
Jay: Yeah, for Joey, man. She is too fine. You ever get to third base with her?
James Van Der Beek: Well, actually, there was this one time—

Jason Biggs: There’s a script? There’s a script? There’s a script for this?
James Van Der Beek: Listen to me, piefucker. You wouldn’t last a day on the Creek. A day.
Jason Biggs: Fuck you and your Dawson’s Crap! Go to hell, Pacey! Go to hell!
James Van Der Beek: At least call me by the right fucking character.

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (2001).

I watched this movie - or, at least, the parts I caught while I was getting dressed and ready to leave - for the first time yesterday morning, and this was my favorite part of what I saw. Also, it was the inspiration for me to go buy the fourth season of Dawson’s Creek and stay up all night watching it.

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