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Michelle and Josh on TRL, circa 2003.

6 pacey/joey caps per episode: 1x03 - kiss

I am someone who has been a fan of Pacey/Joey since the show originally aired and I know many of you are too. But I also know that there are so many new fans of this glorious ship as well as people who are rediscovering them after many years. I think it’s clear that True Love has stood the test of time. Kind of high on the schmaltz factor, huh? :P I guess what I’m trying to say is THANK YOU! For following but also for making me feel less alone in my unwavering PJ obsession. xx

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6 pacey/joey caps per episode: 1x02 - dance

6 pacey/joey caps per episode: 1x01 - pilot

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Anonymous: "Haii soo, you posted a blog over a year ago.. it was an interview with Josh and Katie talking about the 3 month cruise episode and if they're soulmates, etc. Anyway, I was wondering if maybe you could post a link to the video.. but then again, it was a really long time ago (I just read the blog the first time on fanpop or something) so if you dont remember, I completely understand, just thought I should give it a shot. Thanks."

You might be talking about the satellite feed from a bunch of interviews they did in a row. I can only find part of it on YT, another part, another tiiiiiny but adorable part, but not the entire video. :(

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