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I am someone who has been a fan of Pacey/Joey since the show originally aired and I know many of you are too. But I also know that there are so many new fans of this glorious ship as well as people who are rediscovering them after many years. I think it’s clear that True Love has stood the test of time. Kind of high on the schmaltz factor, huh? :P I guess what I’m trying to say is THANK YOU! For following but also for making me feel less alone in my unwavering PJ obsession. xx

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If my Pacey/Joey sims have kids, what should I name them?

Edit: Thanks guys. Someone mentioned naming their child after a character in Little Women, which gave me the idea of naming it after a character in The Little Mermaid since it’s “their book.” They had a girl (can you guys imagine Pacey with a baby girl omg). I thought Ariel was too on the nose so I spelled it backwards and thought it was pretty cute, different. So her name is Leira.


I just… yours could never.

If you have a Pacey & Joey themed URL there is a VERY good chance that I’m gonna follow you (:

'Like' this if you have a PJo themed URL or if you simply love them so we can all find more blogs to follow. :)

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Hey guys. I’m going to start individually uploading full-size, unedited PJo caps from the Creek Caps gallery. I still have them all here, but I don’t use Photobucket anymore and there are so many caps it’s beyond the recently lowered storage limit. So I don’t know if I’ll always be able to keep them there. This way, if you guys want to make stuff from caps, there will be plenty here you can use. It’ll also help me keep the blog more active. :)

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2,000+ followers!


To thank you guys, I’ll be taking gif/gifset requests! Just message me with a scene/moment/idea and I’ll see what I can do. :) If you want something specific, please be specific (i.e.- If you want a single 500px gif of a certain kiss or a gifset of a scene, say so.)

Dawson’s Creek is now available for instant streaming on Netflix!

New theme. :D

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Submitting Posts

I’ve added a SUBMIT button to the sidebar. So if you make anything PJo related, please submit a link to it so I can reblog it! It’s not always easy for me to find PJo stuff because 1) everyone tags their stuff differently (I have every variation of Dawson’s Creek, Pacey, Joey, and PJo tracked but it’s a pain in the ass to have to search through 10 tags to find stuff) and 2) there isn’t a whole lot of PJo on Tumblr to begin with. The only way to ensure I reblog your graphics/gifs/quotes/whatever is if you submit them. And if you submit I’ll move your post to the top of the queue. :D Thanks guys!