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6 pacey/joey caps per episode: 1x03 - kiss

I am someone who has been a fan of Pacey/Joey since the show originally aired and I know many of you are too. But I also know that there are so many new fans of this glorious ship as well as people who are rediscovering them after many years. I think it’s clear that True Love has stood the test of time. Kind of high on the schmaltz factor, huh? :P I guess what I’m trying to say is THANK YOU! For following but also for making me feel less alone in my unwavering PJ obsession. xx

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6 pacey/joey caps per episode: 1x02 - dance

6 pacey/joey caps per episode: 1x01 - pilot

pacey & joey | season one
You know, when you loosen up, you’re not half bad to be around. Bordering on fun, even.

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Saddest TV Breakups

Nobody was more surprised than Joey to discover her childhood crush on Dawson fading and her feelings for bad boy Pacey growing…

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If my Pacey/Joey sims have kids, what should I name them?

Edit: Thanks guys. Someone mentioned naming their child after a character in Little Women, which gave me the idea of naming it after a character in The Little Mermaid since it’s “their book.” They had a girl (can you guys imagine Pacey with a baby girl omg). I thought Ariel was too on the nose so I spelled it backwards and thought it was pretty cute, different. So her name is Leira.